John M. Halley

Born in Dublin, Ireland, 1961. My original degrees (BE, University College Dublin 1983, MSc 1985 and PhD 1989, University College London) were all in Electronic Engineering. But hitch-hiking round the world in 1990, I noticed that the world and me needed a change. So, I snuck into Ecology, where I have been working ever since. My main interests are in the application of mathematics and statistics to Ecology. Some of the exciting courses that I teach at the University of Ioannina (UOI) are General Ecology, Field Ecology and Environmental Data Analysis.

I like research. Here is some of what I have been investing my time in over the last few years: models of extinction debt, the dynamics of ecological communities under climatic change, fractals in ecology, pink noise, orchid genus Ophrys and the conservation value of sacred natural sites. All groundbreaking stuff. I am fond of simple models, spreadsheets and back-of-the-envelope calculations. I dislike large simulations that include everything, artificial air-fresheners, and the recent idea that calling up complicated R packages constitutes “ecological modelling”.

And in administration at UOI, there’s lots of good things going on. I have served in SCB (Society of Conservation Biology: Science & Publications Committee 2008-2012), HELECOS (Hellenic Ecological Society Management Board 2010-2014) and EEF (on Council as HELECOS representative, 2010-2014). I’m president of the UOI PALASE Field Station and oversee the “EcoLab BET”.


Where to find me:

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John M. Halley